Lalii uses a few different kinds of vinyl for your perfect decals. 

The above - the Merbeak - is built from colored vinyl. Each color is cut from a different sheet of vinyl. Sunproof, waterproof, luminous. Outdoor, indoor anywhere all the way. This vinyl will retain its color outdoors for 5 years.

The lustre shows off well on light backgrounds. Because the piece is segmented (this one has 18 parts), it is called a transfer sticker, and is applied in two careful steps.

vinyl - a basic primer

This decal - (Pelican Lunch) - is segmented  colored vinyl, with two unfortunate fish in the pelicans mouth. These are layered on top of the turquoise pouch, as are the eye circles on the head. The brown head and red beak and turquoise pouch are all segments, but placed close together. This is also a transfer sticker.

 This Lucky Star (Lalii's original decal) is printed on white vinyl. The white base is more opaque than the 651. It is all one piece, you just peel off the backing. Although the design is complex, it is a print, therefore the cut is the square, not the star. The white vinyl is waterproof and sun loving up to a point. It will last a few years depending on the directness of the sun. The star below is also printed white vinyl, cut to the image, with no background. Because this is a custom shape, it is a more complex cut.

The Merbeak Classique. She is printed white vinyl, one piece, custom cut. The printed vinyls are able to have as many graphic effects as any other piece of art.

We don't like to think of the end of our Animali, but when the time comes, recycle with PVC plastics. Big strides are being made in this particular area of recyclables, possibly because they remain useful in industry and are a huge factor in modern living. The ocean will not erode your decals should you have one on seagoing equipment, but they do need to be disposed of properly so that that do not wind up there.